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Telecom Networks

Copper Cables Access Networks

Achievement of major projects and procurement framework for, civil works, layout of copper cables and connection of subscribers on behalf of any Tunisia Telecom area in Tunisia: tens of thousands of pipes and cables laid and hundreds of thousands of subscribers connected.

Fibre optic 

- Tunisia Telecom : Béja, Sfax, Siliana, Manouba, Mahdia, Ben Arous, Kasserine, Monastiri and  Nabeul : 400km

- ENI AGIP OIL COMPANY, Libya :  Installation and testing of 16Km cable 24 FO

- British Gas : Connection and testing of 60 km of cable 24 FP

- Tunisiana : Civil works and installation, connection, testing and acceptance of 36 Km of cable 24 FP

- SNCFT :  Tunis- Sfax : Tests and assessments of 39 links (24 cables FP)

Oil and Gas Transportation over Pipeline

- Directional drilling under channel, 10'' pipe
- Directional Drilling under high way, 10'' pipe
- Layout of 10'' pipeline
- Installation of 2 valves and 2 x 10'' stations wipers

STEG (Gas Company)
Ariana : Supply and installation of 1.8 km of 8 inches Pipeline
Nabeul : Supply and  installation of 3 km of  4 inches Pipeline
Ben Arous : Supply and installation of 3 km of 8 inches Pipeline

- Supply and installation of 17 km of 8 inch
- Supply and installation of 4 km of 4 inches
- Supply and installation of 2 Sectioning gates


- Station de pompage Mornag (Ben Arous)
- Station de pompage Metlaoui (Gafsa)
- Station de pompage Saheb Jebal (Nabeul)

Directionnal Drilling

- The Industrial Real Estate Agency (AFI): Development of industrial zones Béja, Bou Argoub, Makther, BOUARADA, Jendouba Megrine Ben Arous and Zahra

- Housing Foncière Agency (AFH) : Development of subdivisions Jemmel, Sidi Amor Bouhajla, Kef, and Aouina Kelibia

- Société Nationale Immobilière de Tunisie (SNIT) : Aménagement des zones Tadjerouine and Naassen

- Ministry of Equipment, Housing and Planning of the Territory (MEHAT) : Campus Planning Kelibia

- National Office of Sanitation (ONAS) : Sanitation Jendouba cities, Sfax, Mahdia, Korba, Sidi Bouzid, and Redayef, Foussana and Treatment plant station of Jerba

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